A Cavity Prevention Playlist for Kids

10 Fun Songs and Videos to Get Your Kids Interested in Brushing Their Teeth

Building healthy dental care habits early in life greatly increases the chances of kids continuing to prioritize their oral health as teens and adults. A highly effective way of getting kids interested in their smiles and brushing their teeth is through easily memorized songs, fun animation, and engaging videos.

Whether you’re a parent, caretaker, or teacher, the following playlist can help you educate kids on oral health in a fun, engaging way.

1. Sesame Street’s “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me”

Sesame Street’s “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Brush PSA” is a catchy song about toothbrushing. With Elmo as the singer, kids will see real videos of kids brushing their teeth along to the song as well as some popular celebrities joining the fun. The simple lyrics and catchy tunes make this song great for engaging kids ages two to five while they brush.

2. ADA’s “Brush and Floss”

The American Dental Association’s Dudley the Dinosaur sings a quick tune about the basics of kids’ dental care. Mentioned in the song is brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, and a reminder to see a dentist regularly.

3. Plants vs. Zombies “Stop Zombie Mouth”

The Plants vs. Zombies franchise teamed up with the ADA for a hilarious song featuring the Putrid Posse, including characters like D.K., Plak, and Rott. Aimed at school-aged kids, this video is a great way to show the effects of not brushing their teeth and eating too much sugar. They’ll also learn new words like “halitosis” and “gingivitis.”

4. EZ Tales’ “Toothbrushing Song”

Set to a funky rockabilly tune, this toothbrushing song features Chomper and the Bicuspids, an animated tooth band. This song focuses on brushing your teeth every day to keep cavities away and really focuses on the positive of having bright, sparkling teeth if kids follow along. The length of this song is great to use for timing brushing sessions as well.

5. ASAPScience’s “The Teeth Song”

Mix science facts about teeth with Mozart and you have ASAPScience’s “The Teeth Song”! The song itself is only about three minutes long, but it’s packed with information on tooth anatomy, proper names of each tooth type, why brushing your teeth is important, and flossing. Due to the depth of this song, it’s more suitable for school-aged kids. Don’t forget to click “Show More” on the description box to find the lyrics.

6. Netflix Jr.’s “Brush Your Teeth” 

“Ask The Storybots” is a popular kids’ show on Netflix Jr., but they also have a YouTube channel loaded with great snippets from the show—including the “Brush Your Teeth” song. This adorable song focuses on the importance of brushing so kids can eat the foods they love and have great smelling breath. The catchy tune and “Ch-ch-ch-ch!” will likely get stuck in your head too!

You can also find the full 24-minute episode “Why Do I Have to Brush My Teeth?” on Netflix.

7. Blippi’s “Tooth Brushing Song”

Blippi has a huge following on YouTube and his lively videos include the “Tooth Brushing Song.” This energetic video goes over the basics of toothbrushing in an easy-to-understand way for little kids. What’s especially great about this song is it’s designed for kids to brush along with Blippi for exactly two minutes.

8. SciShow Kids “Why Do We Brush Our Teeth?”

SciShow Kids brings the facts to a young audience in a clear way with the “Why Do We Brush Our Teeth?” video. This educational presentation goes over what causes cavities, why brushing our teeth is so important for removing bacteria, and emphasizes why we brush at bedtime and in the morning.

9. SciShow Kids “Visiting the Dentist!”

One more video from SciShow Kids to add to your kids’ playlist is “Visiting the Dentist!” Rather than focusing solely on why we brush, this video covers the basics of visiting the dentist for kids. The host, Jessi, goes over what it’s like to visit the dentist and talks a little about the most common dental tools your child is likely to see during their own appointment. This would be a great video for young kids to watch before a check-up or cleaning with their pediatric dentist.

10. Mel Rosenberg’s “What Causes Cavities?”

If you have mixed ages in your family and you’re looking for something for your older kids or teens to watch, the TED-Ed Talk “What Causes Cavities?” by Mel Rosenberg is a great choice. This five-minute video is fairly in-depth, focusing mostly on what exactly causes tooth decay and how diet plays a crucial role. We bet you’ll even learn something new by watching this video with your kids.

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