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Early Orthodontic Evaluation — Saving Time, Angst and Money

By JudithSheaDDS | December 11, 2020

Remove unnecessary angst for your child by scheduling an orthodontic evaluation at age 7. Kids face plenty of challenging experiences throughout their childhood. The ages of 7 to 11 comprise what many physicians consider middle childhood. During this time in their lives, children grow both physically and cognitively. From growth spurts to major early academic…

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Baby Teeth Basics: Nutrition FAQ

By JudithSheaDDS | November 24, 2020

Providing the nutrition your baby needs to grow. Proper nutrition is important for everyone, but it’s absolutely essential for your little one. It gives their body the resources it needs to grow, develop, and stay healthy. Your child’s diet even impacts their oral health—a balanced diet helps keep your child’s teeth strong and reduces the…

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Baby Teeth Basics: Teething FAQs

By JudithSheaDDS | November 24, 2020

Learning how to manage the teething process. Whoever coined the term “bundle of joy” to describe babies knew what they were talking about—from the instant they’re born, our little ones add so much joy to our lives. That said, your bundle of joy is still a lot of work, especially if you’re a new parent.…

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6 Tips for Helping Your Pre-Teen Cope with Stress

By JudithSheaDDS | October 27, 2020

Guide your pre-teen towards a less anxious life through daily stress-relief techniques. If you had to describe this year in one word, you might just pick “stressful.” Not only has this year been a doozy for busy parents juggling family, work, and personal responsibilities, but it’s really taken a toll on kids and teens. While…

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Baby Teeth Basics: Hygiene FAQ

By JudithSheaDDS | October 26, 2020

Learning to care for your child’s new teeth. One of your top concerns as a parent is keeping your child healthy and happy. So as your little one grows and begins teething, you may find yourself wondering how to keep their new teeth healthy and strong. We understand that there’s a lot to learn, but…

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Best Family Places in Chili and Gates, NY

By JudithSheaDDS | September 30, 2020

Spending time with your family As the weather begins to cool down, you’ll likely find yourself thinking more and more of the beautiful weather and your kids’ upcoming Thanksgiving and winter breaks—especially if your children are old enough to keep their own countdown! This time off from school, as well as the break from the…

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7 Common Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

By JudithSheaDDS | September 4, 2020

Find the answers to your questions about pediatric dentistry. When it comes to dental health, parents want nothing more than for their child to have a bright, healthy smile. A big part of building a foundation of strong oral health for your child is picking the right dental professional. If you’re a new parent looking…

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What Can I Expect During My Kid’s First Dentist Visit?

By JudithSheaDDS | August 25, 2020

Your child’s first dentist visit is a big milestone in their life—here’s how to prepare for it! Your child’s smile lights up your world, and as a parent, you want to do everything possible to ensure their smile is bright and healthy. The first step towards investing in your child’s smile now and for the…

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When Kids Go Back to School Amid COVID-19

By JudithSheaDDS | August 24, 2020

Help your children prepare for a return to school. Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives, from our social lives to our work and our kids’ education.  By May, state officials closed the schools in 48 states for the rest of the 2020 academic year. That left more than…

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6 Ways We Make Your Child’s First Dentist Visit Easier for Your Child and You

By JudithSheaDDS | July 24, 2020

Comfortable, Quality Dentistry for Children Scheduling your child’s first dental appointment can seem like a daunting task—even once you’ve found the perfect dentist, it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about the details. You might find yourself stressing out about insurance coverage, whether you’ll be late to the appointment, or how your child will…

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