6 Ways We Make Your Child’s First Dentist Visit Easier for Your Child and You

Comfortable, Quality Dentistry for Children

Scheduling your child’s first dental appointment can seem like a daunting task—even once you’ve found the perfect dentist, it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about the details. You might find yourself stressing out about insurance coverage, whether you’ll be late to the appointment, or how your child will react. Despite this, your child’s first dental appointment is very important; it provides a chance for their pediatric dentist to check each tooth for a cavity, since baby teeth are more vulnerable to decay than adult teeth, and to make sure that your little one’s baby teeth are developing normally. The appointment also allows your dentist to answer any questions you have about your child’s oral health. Here are just a few of the ways the team at our pediatric dental group works to ensure that your child’s first visit to the dentist is as smooth and easy as possible. 

1. We provide forms to prefill

Whether you’ve only been a parent for a few months or you have years of experience, you’re likely already familiar with the feeling of running late for an appointment, kids in tow, and realizing that you still have to fill out paperwork once you arrive at the office—oftentimes while keeping an eye on your little ones or trying to keep them entertained. We’ve streamlined the check-in process by providing our forms online for you to fill out before your child’s pediatric dentist appointment. Just fill them out in a spare moment and bring them with you to the appointment, so there’s less to worry about when you arrive at our office. All you need to do is make sure that you have your insurance card and any updated information about your little one’s overall health or medications.

2. We can schedule your whole family’s appointments at once.

When you have multiple kids, your days can fill up quickly; this can make it difficult to find time to schedule separate appointments for each of your children, especially if you have to take time off work in order to take each child to their appointment. We try to limit this stress by focusing on family dentistry, ensuring you can schedule all of your children for their regular dental health exams at once. You’ll be able to get all of their exams completed in a single afternoon, so it’s more convenient and easier than ever to get your little ones to their regular appointments.

3. We’re happy to discuss financial concerns before or after the appointment.

If you’re worried about affording your child’s dental care, such as a filling for a cavity, we’re always willing to discuss your concerns either before or after your child’s appointment. We can work with you to estimate how much of your child’s treatment your insurance is likely going to cover and help you to figure out the best way for you to afford any portion that isn’t covered.

4. We’re trained to handle anxious children.

Many children are anxious about going to the pediatric dentist, especially during their first appointment. It’s a new experience and they don’t know the staff well yet, so it can understandably be scary, but try not to worry about your little one too much. Kids’ dentists have special training to soothe this anxiety, and the entire staff is used to helping anxious children feel more at ease.

You can ease your child’s anxiety before the appointment by talking about it as a positive experience rather than a negative one; kids pick up on negative emotions, so they’ll be more nervous if they think that you’re worried. Trusting us to soothe their lingering anxiety will help you feel less stressed about the appointment as well. Additionally, let your children’s dentist explain treatments, like cavity fillings, to them instead of trying to explain it at home. We’ve perfected explaining procedures in simple, kid-friendly terms that help your little one feel more comfortable.

5. We offer emergency dental care for kids.

Dental issues aren’t always predictable—especially since kids can play rough or be clumsy. Toothaches or dental injuries like broken or knocked-out teeth often can’t wait for a regularly scheduled appointment and require immediate emergency dental care. When this happens, we’re prepared to provide the best kids’ emergency dental care for your little one, whether the emergency occurs during our regular business hours or not. Call our office as soon as you realize that you have a dental emergency on your hands. If we’re closed, our answering machine will provide directions to help you access our emergency line, ensuring your child can get the care they need right away, even if it’s the middle of the night. 

6. We submit your insurance claim for you as a courtesy.

Whether your child visited our office for a regularly scheduled appointment or for a dental emergency, we submit your insurance claim as a courtesy. This means there’s less paperwork and fewer phone calls with your insurance company for you to worry about—we know you have enough on your plate, so we take care of it! This allows you to focus on your child’s appointment with their pediatric dentist.

Whether you’re taking your child in for routine care or a dental emergency, knowing that you’ve chosen the best dentist in Rochester, NY, for your family can help you and your child take each step in their oral healthcare journey with confidence. The foundation that you and your children’s dentists lay out for your child while they’re young can help them develop strong teeth and build healthy habits early on—which will stick with them for the rest of their lives. When you’re ready to visit the dentist for a consultation, call our office or request an appointment with our handy online booking form.